Alumni Network Certification Application 2020

    By applying for certification the board of the Alumni network agrees to that democracy, inclusiveness, gender balance and sustainability characterize the work of the Alumni network. Accountability and responsibility that the funds from the Swedish Institute are used for their intended purposes and managed and utilized in a transparent, fair, accountable and honest manner is also a prerequisite. The network shall be a fair and respectful place for all its members. Under no circumstances will (sexual) harassment, intimidation, aggression, violence, discrimination or abuse of authority/power be accepted. Collegiality, mutual respect and attention for board and network members are to be conducted by all the network’s members. The network shall be endorsed by a pleasant and stimulating work climate – thus, undesired behaviour should be responded to and dealt with promptly. Failure to comply with these standards should be reported to SI. Unwanted behaviour within the network, which is not dealt with, will risk SI revoking the Certification. The responsibility for ethical behaviour and professional conduct lies with all board and alumni members.