“A great chance to reflect on your personal growth and your business”

Shurouq Qawariq, from Palestine is a fintech entrepreneur with the goal to reform the banking industry in Middle East and Northern Africa with an application that allows users to save by rounding up daily purchases to the nearest dollar. Shurouq is one of 30 female entrepreneurs in the leadership programme She Entrepreneurs.

The reason why Shurouq applied was to become part of a unique network of other business women from the region trying to create something new. And the fact that Sweden is a pioneer in the fin tech industry. During the programme Shurouq has had Alexandra Strömberg, from the Swedish fin tech company Klarna, as her mentor.

-Speaking to Alexandra is so cool and it´s very different from speaking to a friend or a business partner. A mentor helps you to become more specific with what you need, what your goals are. Instead of talking to people in your business that perhaps have stakes, you can talk to someone on the outside and with a lot of experience. And that have been so beneficial to me.

Rather than single out takeaways from the programme Shurouq refers to a shift in her personal will, confidence and empowerment that mainly comes from being together with and hearing the different experiences of other women.

-She Entrepreneurs offers a great chance to reflect on your personal growth and your business. And to only be surrounded by women for a while is an experience every woman should have. It is such a good environment of care, comfort and support which is very much unique.

Shurouq share many challenges together with the other female entrepreneurs from the region and states that in her case is the assumption that people have why she is running her own business.

– When I tell some people what I do, given that I am in my early thirties, they assume that I am looking for a meaning in life because of the absence of a husband and children. This is not the reason why I am running my business, rather it´s because I am a highly motivated person just as any other person can be.

A motivation for Shurouq is that her fintech start-up “Rumman” provides saving and investment to people that normally can´t afford them as this have a very high cost in Palestine.

-We believe that this gives financial empowerment and freedom to a large segment of society that has not had this privilege before.

Shurouq sums up her experience of She Entrepreneurs and what is has meant to her and her fellow female entrepreneurs.

-It has been a great experience.  We have formed connections and we have also connected with ourselves in a strong way thanks to She Entrepreneurs. It will create value for ourselves, our businesses and our societies for many years to come.

For more information about She Entreprenuers and how to apply. 

Note: Since the interview Alexandra Strömberg has left Klarna.