A meeting place for design that drives sustainable change

Swedish Design Movement brings together actors in design, fashion and architecture who are spearheading the transition to sustainability. Our stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair is an open space for discussion about a sustainable future through design and innovation. During the week we arrange over 20 programs together with our partners.

Swedish Design Movement program

Meet our impressive network of leading creatives within the design field at our fair stand C04:27, designed and produced by Note Design Studio. Learn more about the latest new materials and production possibilities, explore the Swedish design landscape from north to south, and participate in panel discussions with Swedish top architects, designers and innovators. Come by to lean back and listen or lean forward and discuss!

Meet the impressive network of leading creatives within the design field at the Swedish Design Movement fair stand. Participate in talks, interviews and panel discussions with Swedish top architects, designers, and innovators.

Learn more about the latest new materials and production possibilities and explore the design landscape from the north to the south of Sweden. Do not miss out on the launch of the new chair for the ECOSOC chamber in the UN headquarters in New York, and the popup-exhibition where the objects nominated for the prestigious design award Guldstolen are presented.

Please find the full program here!

Swedish Design Movement – Leading the way

This exhibition welcomes around the clock, all year round. Visit the Swedish Design Movement’s virtual exhibition explore the work of leading, sustainable Swedish innovators in design, architecture, and fashion. Navigate around a hyper-realistic digital version of Sara kulturhus, one of the world’s tallest timber structures in Skellefteå, Sweden.

In connection with a presentation of the virtual exhibition we will host a panel discussion on how digital design and virtual spaces gives new opportunities for furniture design.

About Swedish Design Movement

Swedish Design Movement is a government initiative managed by the Swedish Institute in collaboration with Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design), Architects Sweden, the Swedish Fashion Association, and the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry, Göteborg & Co, West Sweden, the City of Malmö, Visit Stockholm, Umeå municipality, Business Sweden, and Visit Sweden. The goal is to support the design sector and to accelerate demand for sustainable goods and services from Sweden.