The Baltic Leadership Programmes BLP are tailor made training programmes designed to promote the implementation of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and to support thematic networks. They offer a unique combination of theory and practice, with a focus on dynamic leadership, capacity building.

The BLP for Cluster Managers targets Innovation Clusters and their Management with the aim to heighten their capacity for transnational cooperation. The programme aims to improve the global competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region which is one of the goals of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

BLP – Cluster managers will give you:

  • The opportunity to develop individual and organizational skills and capacities for transnational cooperation as well as for leadership in a changing and complex world
  • A deeper understanding of how macro-regional strategies can contribute to the development and optimisation for increased “performance” and competitiveness of own clusters
  • The opportunity to develop stronger linkages between cluster organisations in the region
  • Tools and perspectives for cross-border collaboration in intercultural contexts
  • Networking opportunities that are essential for long-term cooperation’s in the Baltic Sea Region.
Two women discussing on the conference Innoheat
Photo: Aline Lessner

Is my organisation eligeble?
The participants of  this Baltic Leadership Programme have all been nominated by an expert committee. The target group of this programme are experts and practioners such as potential and current decisionmakers and project leaders from organisations dealing with issues under the EU-strategy from the Baltic Sea Region.

Programme timeline:

Module 1:”From needs to goals” 24 – 26 oktober 2017, Stockholm
The first module will set the scene for future cooperation throughout the programme. It will also have a focus on current situation analysis and explore the opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Module 2 : ”From action plan to operation” 4 – 5 december 2017, Helsinki
The second module focus on operational aspects of supporting SME internationalization. In this module the participants will also explore tools and methodologies to measuring and benchmarking their cluster’s performance.

Module 3: ”From international operation to broader systematic change” 6 – 8 February, Copenhagen
The third module will introduce strategies for a broadened model of cooperation and translating international operation to broader systematic change. Ultimatly the module will also introduce concepts and skills connected sustainable leadership.

Costs covererd and arranged by Swedish Institute

  • Training and content
  • Accommodation, food and domestic transport during the programme

Costs covered and arranged by you

  • You are expected to cover your travel costs to each module.