Peer Shadowing

Are you a SAYP alumni? Do you want to learn more about modern governance form organisation in Sweden or other SAYP countries? Apply for the Peer Shadowing programme.
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Application closed

The next application period will be tentatively from 1 September till 30 November 2020.


Peer shadowing is a short-term mobility grant for alumni who have attended either SAYP Baltic Sea Region and Eastern partnership or SAYP Western Balkans. It allows for week-long visits at an organisation in another country, in order to closely follow one or several colleagues, study how their organisation is structured and functions in practice. Peer shadowing may focus both on routines/practices (how), and on content (what – aims/goals, activities/operations, thematic scopes etc).

Peer shadowing is also expected to include comparisons, suggestions and discussions about the observations made. Eventually, peer shadowing allows for experience-sharing and prospects for mutual learning and changes/improvements at all organisations involved.

With the peer shadowing programme you have the possibility to further develop your knowledge about modern governance and expand your professional networks.

The peer-shadowing programme is on hold at present due to the corona pandemic. Updated information about the next application period will be published here in late August 2020.

What is the offer?

The grant consists of a financial allowance of SEK 6,000 per week for upkeep (food, accommodation, local transport) when visiting the host organisation, for one individual. The peer shadowing visit may last for one or two weeks in duration in total, but cannot be shorter than one work week (5 days). This means that the allowance amounts to either SEK 6,000 or SEK 12,000. In addition, there is also a travel grant included in the offer, according to below:

  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – SEK 2,500
  • Belarus, Ukraine – SEK 4,000
  • Armenia, Georgia, Moldova – SEK 5,000
  • Western Balkans – SEK 5,000

A peer shadowing application may also concern visits split between two organisations, which may be located in two different SAYP countries. In this case however only one travel grant will be awarded in total.

The grant is provided for full-time work weeks only, although the financial allowance may also be used for upkeep during connecting weekends.

Who is eligible to apply?

Peer shadowing is an opportunity targeted exclusively to former participants (alumni) of SAYP thematic modules.


  • EaP/Baltic Region: Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Sweden, Ukraine
  • Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia


The general rule is that alumni from outside of Sweden may apply for peer shadowing at an organisation in Sweden of relevance, while SAYP alumni from Sweden may apply for peer shadowing at an organisation in another country, also included in the SAYP programme.

Peer shadowing visits of two weeks in total duration, may be undertaken at organisations in different SAYP countries although Sweden must be included either as source/sending part (for Swedish alumni) or as one of the two receiving countries (for non-Swedish alumni).

The application must be supported both by the home organisation, as well as an inviting host in the partner country.

Any peer shadowing visit should be followed by a report back to SI, according to the instructions provided by SI together with the decision. The visiting peer is also expected to post a brief summary of his/her experiences from the visit in the SI SAYP Facebook group.

Host organisation

The applicant is responsible for finding and reaching an agreement with a host organisation, willing to accept him/her for a peer shadowing visit.

As peer shadowing allows for different types of actors/organisations to be considered, applicants are recommended to use a wide scope in the search for organisations that would be relevant and interesting, from the perspective of their current or future work positions/roles. Here are some examples/types of actors that may act as an inviting host organisation for a SAYP peer shadowing visit:

  • Public agencies, regions, municipalities
  • Political parties/organisations
  • Universities, research institutes, science parks
  • Trade unions/federations/partnerships, associations
  • National/local offices of international organisations/bodies
  • Other civil society organisations/NGOs

A peer shadowing visit may be split between two different host organisations, as long as the time spent at each of the organisations does not fall below one work week in duration. The host organisations do not have to be located in the same city or country, as long as all countries included in the visit are also included in SAYP.

We recommend applicants to share information on this website with prospective host organisations in order to introduce them to the programme.

Practical arrangements

Successful applicants are responsible for travel arrangements and for finding accommodation in the host country themselves. Using suggestions and advice from the host organisation and fellow SI/SAYP alumni is recommended.

For peers visiting organisations in Sweden, the financial allowance will be transferred upon arrival in Sweden, to what is called a prepaid card. Peers from Sweden will receive the allowance directly to their bank account, before departure.

Participants of SAYP peer shadowing in Sweden and Schengen are insured against illness and accidents during the peer shadowing visit through the Swedish State Insurance for Foreign Visitors.

Application procedure

Application for SAYP peer shadowing is done by e-mail. Send the complete application along with all mandatory enclosures to and cc to with “Peer Shadowing  08959/2020” followed by the name of the applicant, in the e-mail title.

The application periods are 1 March 2020 – 31 May 2020 and 1 September – 30 November 2020. SI accepts applications and takes decisions on an ongoing basis throughout the application periods. A decision is usually announced about one month after the application has been submitted.

Application enclosures

For an application to be complete, the following documents must be enclosed. Please note that applications to SI that are incomplete will be disregarded.

  • Application form completed and signed – mandatory template
  • Letter of support (from the applicant’s home organisation. Max 1 page)
  • Peer shadowing agreement (between applicant and host organisation) – mandatory template

If the application for a peer shadowing visit suggests more than one host organisation to be visited, an agreement from each organisation must be included in the application.

The agreement explains why the host organisation supports the peer shadowing application, and how they expect to benefit from the proposed visit. Furthermore, the document should give a brief summary of the host environment as well as activities that the applicant would be involved in. Also included in the agreement, there should be information regarding an appointed supervisor/contact person, responsible for the visiting peer throughout his/her stay. The inviting person should not be a fellow SAYP alumnus.

The peer shadowing agreement acts as formal assurance about expectations and responsibilities both for the visiting peer and the inviting host. The agreement should include a preliminary activity programme as well as a plan for experience-sharing and discussions about possible findings/conclusions.

The letter of support should provide a testimony from the applicant’s home organisation, explaining which benefits they expect to gain from the proposed peer shadowing visit in the short-term as well as long-term perspective.