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Are you a women leader based in Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates facing new challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic? SHE Leads 2020 offers you an exclusive online space taking female leadership to the next level in though times.

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The SHE Leads programme is an exclusive opportunity to harvest the latest theoretical and practical insights into innovative leadership. Through networking opportunities, peer group sessions, panel discussions and lectures, participants are offered the opportunity to reflect and mature in their leadership skills.

The programme is specifically tailored to women experts and executives, offering a dynamic space where workplace issues can be discussed with other driven women professionals from the Gulf region.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SHE Leads is going fully digital. It is focusing on learning opportunities for growing as a leader, despite – or even thanks to – the new pandemic landscape. SHE Leads 2020 will consist of four online lectures on leadership in the time of COVID-19

The programme will admit 20 participants, who will, on completion of the course, be members of the growing regional SHE Leads network.

The SHE Leads 2020 programme is free of charge.

SHE Leads will give you

  • The latest theoretical and practical insights into innovative leadership
  • A flexible learning experience  consisting of online lectures, a shared discussion space, and in-depth workshops
  • Access to a strong and active network of likeminded women who inspire and support each other.

Who can apply?

The SHE Leads 2020 programme will admit 20 participants. Applicants must be:

  • Women based in Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates
  • Proficient in English
  • Between 25-45 years of age
  • In a executive, managerial or expert position

Programme timeline

We offer a high level of flexibility allowing participants to tailor the programming to their individual schedules. Please note that the two, in depth two-hour workshop are set for the dates December 2 and 10. Attendance in both these workshops is mandatory to complete the programme and join the SHE Leads alumni network.



How to apply



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