Research visits in Sweden up to 12 months

  • Next application period: October to December 2018 (preliminary) for the academic year 2019/2020.
  • Aboust 12 scholarships will be offered.

Included in the scholarship

Apply if you match one of the following criterias

The scholarship provides PhD students and postdoctoral researchers of all ages with an opportunity to conduct research at Swedish universities. Only PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists within the field of social sciences or academic disciplines related to sustainable social development may apply. The stay in Sweden should match one of the following criteria:

  • PhD studies – PhD students/candidates applying for one long-term visit; 6, 9 or 12 months. Priority will be given to PhD students enrolled in PhD programmes in Turkey.
  • Postdoctoral research – postdoctoral research long-term visit, 6, 9 or 12 months. Holders of a PhD degree, preferably from 2013 or later.
  • Senior research – holders of a PhD degree who do not fit into the category of postdoctoral researchers, above, invited to Sweden for research, 6 months maximum.
  • University lecturer – academic personnel at universities in Turkey who are neither enrolled in ongoing PhD studies, nor hold a PhD degree, 6 months maximum.

Available scholarship periods

Application period/ You can apply PhD students Postdoctoral researchers Senior researchers University lecturer
1 September 2019–28 February 2020 (6 months) yes yes yes yes
1 January 2020–30 June 2020 (6 months) yes yes yes yes
1 September 2019–31 May 2020 (9 months) yes yes no no
1 January 2020–30 September 2020 (9 months) yes yes no no
1 September 2019–31 August 2020 (12 months) yes yes no no
1 January 2020–31 December 2020 (12 months) yes yes no no

You cannot be granted a scholarship if you:

  • have already lived in Sweden for two or more years when the scholarship period is due to begin
  • already have a Swedish permanent residence permit
  • have a Swedish work permit and are currently employed in Sweden
  • are applying for a scholarship at postdoctoral level, but do not hold a PhD degree
  • have already been awarded three or more scholarships/grants from SI.
  • are applying for a scholarship at PhD level but are not enrolled in ongoing PhD studies outside of Sweden*

*If your home university in Turkey has been closed you can submit an official document certifying your earlier status of a PhD student.

Application procedure

Application is closed
The next call for applications will be open October to December 2018 (preliminary).