Tekla Festival and Dialogue – Empowering girls and women in STEM

The Teklafestival was founded by recording artist Robyn in 2015 in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology. It´s purpose is to motivate girls to explore tech on their own terms in an environment where all roles are available to them.

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology in all areas of society. Yet, women are not currently benefitting from the opportunities offered by the growing digital economy. We need to increase the participation of women and girls in the STEM-sectors (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) so that they too can contribute to and benefit from the digital transformation.

Tekla Festival originated after Robyn was awarded KTH’s Great Prize in 2013. Robyn saw clear parallels between the music and tech industry when it comes to the challenges women are facing regarding gender equality. She was inspired by the organization Popkollo who organizes music camps for girls and non-binary persons.

The Tekla festival has two parts. One part is a Tekla Workshop for girls in the ages of 11-15 that will give them an opportunity to build, test and create with technology in an environment where all the roles are available to them. The second part is the Tekla Dialogue, a platform for discussions about girls’ education and women in STEM – addressing the problem of underrepresentation of women in technology and ways of empowering girls and women by strengthening roles and opportunities.

Tekla is now travelling the world in a partnership with the Swedish Institute and Swedish embassies and consulates. The project has previously visited Washington, Brasila, Mumbai and New York and will continue to inspire girls in different countries during 2020.