Suderbyn Ecovillage is an intentional community of open-minded people from various countries and cultures, located on the island Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It has been created with a goal of living in a way that creates a prosperous living environment while minimizing the environmental footprint. The Suderbyn Ecovillage has the aim of living close to nature and achieves a more sustainable lifestyle, striving for self-sufficiency in food production and renewable energy creation. These lead to change patterns of consumption, prioritizing ecological and local materials and build model of healthy and happy society. Suderbyn consists of two different legal entities: the Cooperative and NGO RELEARN. The Cooperative focuses on the well-being of the residents and all financial processes, while RELEARN works with educational projects, training andinternational networking.

Description and purpose

One day visit where visitors will make a tour on the village and observe and discover the different projects conducted on the village. The purpose of the visit is to acquire knowledge and experience on projects done at Suderbyn Ecovillage such as permaculture method with bio-food production and renewable energy creation (Production of biogas energy from food waste). The knowledge gained will help us in the implementation of these projects in our home countries, the experience will be shared with other SI NFGL members and our classmates.

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