Guide to gender mainstreaming

Here you find a guide to gender mainstreaming – a practical introduction that can also serve as a development tool for organisations already working with gender mainstreaming.

Gender mainstreaming is a strategy for promoting gender equality in organisations. It involves ensuring that a gender perspective is included in all activities in an organisation. The guide has been developed in order to contribute to the implementation of gender mainstreaming.

Gender mainstreaming became the official strategy for the government in 1994. In 2015 the Swedish government commissioned a project where the Swedish association of local authorities and regions (SALAR) collected some of the best cases from Swedish municipalities. This guide is an adaptation of SALAR’s guide.

About the guide

The guide consists of:

  • Checklist for assessment of gender mainstreaming
  • Introductions to each step of the checklist
  • Key recommendations for sustainable gender mainstreaming
  • Examples of gender mainstreaming in practice

The checklist for assessment of gender mainstreaming can be used to assess an organisation’s current situation. Through the checklist an organisation can get an idea of how far it has come in its efforts. It will also help to clarify areas that need improvement. The results from the checklist can be used to develop an action plan.

Guide to gender mainstreaming (English).

Short introduction to the guide.