Alumni Network Toolkit: Fika with Swedish Companies


With the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals it is the first time that the business community is regarded a key player in contributing to global change.  Sustainability translates into long-term profitability, and Swedish companies are often seen as forerunners in responsible business, with a high level of awareness about environmental and social issues.


This toolkit offers the opportunity to raise awareness about how businesses can contribute to reaching the SDGs. The toolkit currently includes a seminar concept and a presentation on sustainable business. It is developed in cooperation with Business Sweden. If you want, you can add a site visit to one of the companies you are in contact with. This can be done in relation to the seminar or as a separate event.

To apply for this toolkit, you need to be in touch or have contact with one or several Swedish companies already that you can invite to your fika event. We strongly suggest that you collaborate with the Swedish embassy for this toolkit.

Instructions and manuals

Step by step manual (further down on this page)

Application form


Building blocks

Fact Sheet: CSR in Sweden

Suggestion on seminar focus/concept

Step by step manual

  1. Get in touch with one or several Swedish companies that operate in your region. If you do not already have contact with any companies, we suggest you talk to your contact person at the Swedish Embassy. They usually have a broad contact network with Swedish companies and might be able to give you some tips. Make sure these companies have an established CSR-agenda as this is the main focus on this particular event.
  2. Scan your member’s base, maybe you have alumni members that work in Swedish companies or work with CSR who can act as speakers or moderators at your event. Or maybe you can have them participate in a panel discussion or the seminar to give a comparative approach on how different businesses work differently with CSR.
  3. Brief the company representatives about the focus of the event. We suggest that they talk about their business in general, maybe some cultural differences between Swedish business culture and others, and of course about their sustainability strategy and CSR approach.
  4. Inform your contact person at the Swedish Embassy about your event. For this specific toolkit we think that the dialogue with the Swedish embassy is very important.
  5. Find a suitable venue for your seminar. Maybe one of the companies you are in touch with can host your event? The seminar could then potentially be followed by a short site visit.
  6. Set a date and time, be sure you can send in the application for funding at least five weeks before the event takes place.
  7. Create a page for your event so that people can register. We suggest you use or a similar service but it can be a facebook event or google forms or any other service that you find suitable.
  8. Post your event in the Sweden Alumni Activity Calendar.
  9. Send invitations to your members. If you need help with reaching out to new members, get in touch with SI who can help sending an email to their contacts.
  10. Study the presentation about Swedish Sustainable Business that is to be found in the toolkit! Or find someone at the Swedish embassy who can do the presentation for you.
  11. Have your event!
  12. Send in the report to SI, not more than two weeks after the event.

How to apply

Submit an application form to apply for this event.

How to report

Here you find the reporting instructions.


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