Alumni Network Toolkit: Never Violence

Sweden was the first country to join the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children as a pathfinding country under Agenda 2030, goal 16, target 16.2. The pathfinding countries demonstrate successful solutions to eliminate violence against children in different environments, from family settings to society at large.  

2019 marked 30 years since the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the General Assembly in New York. It also marked 40 years since Sweden adopted the law on prohibition of corporal punishment in all settings, including the home of children. 


Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting (PDEP) does not use rewards or punishments.  Instead, it helps parents learn to problem solve, so they can teach those skills to their children.  

This toolkit offers material and support for you to be able to host an event about Positive Discipline, either for members in your alumni network or for the general public, or both.  

Alumni networks can apply for financial support for this event to cover costs such as payment for speaker, venue, food and communications material.

Instructions and manuals

Manual Never Violence Activity

Application form


Building blocks

Brief description about Positive Discipline

Useful links:

End Corporal Punishment

End Corporal Punishment is a critical initiative of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. On their website you can find out about the status of any law against corporal punishment in the country you are in.

Step by step manual

  1. Plan your activity – would you like to do an online or physical seminar on the topic or a group discussion?  
  2. Identify local conditions/prospects on the subject and plan your activity according to that.
  3. Book a venue and speaker.
  4. If you are interested in doing a physical seminar one option (not required) is to do it in collaboration with your local Swedish Embassy/Consulate or other partner organisation working with children’s rights in your region. 
  5. Apply for funding from SI.   
  6. If you haven’t already, inform your contact person at the Swedish Embassy about your event.   
  7. Create a page for your event so that people can register.   
  8. Post your event in the Sweden Alumni Activity Calendar.  
  9. Send invitations to your members. If you need help with reaching out to new members, get in touch with the alumni team at SI who can help sending an email to their contacts.   
  10. Have your event!   
  11. Send in the report to SI, not more than two weeks after the event.

How to apply

Contact before you apply to get contact details to a local expert speaker on positive discipline. 

Submit the Application Form to apply for this event. 

How to report

Here you find the Reporting Instructions. 


For more information, contact