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The Swedish Institute offers financial support for certified alumni networks to organise activities that are related to the UN’s sustainability goals or Sweden. On this page you can find information on how to apply for an activity grant and report it. ​​​​​​​


Purpose of alumni networks
Alumni Network Activities
Activity Funding
Application Requirements

Purpose of SI/Sweden Alumni Networks

To be an active member of a SI/Sweden alumni networks is an opportunity to maintain a life-long relation to Sweden and to a global network of change-agents. The purpose of all Sweden/SI alumni networks is to:

  • contribute to Agenda 2030 and the global development goals
  • be run by alumni for alumni in a democratic, transparent and inclusive way. All alumni should have the chance to contribute, influence and participate.
  • function as a platform where alumni can stay in contact with Sweden, maintain and grow their network to other alumni, and work together for a fair and sustainable development.
  • have a relation to the local Swedish Embassy or Consulate based on mutual benefit. Swedish Embassies/Consulates recognise alumni as a resource and make use of the capacity of the network. Alumni support the Embassy/Consulate to the best of their abilities.
  • All information about running a certified alumni network can be found in the Alumni Network Manual.

About alumni activities

The Swedish Institute offers financial support for certified alumni networks to organise activities that are related to the UN’s sustainability goals or Sweden. An SI or Sweden alumni network can apply to become certified at the beginning of each year. Read more about getting certified here. To receive funding your activity should follow one out of the three categories: Toolkit, SDG Activity, Sweden Collaboration Activity. Please note that networks can operate as Sweden/SI alumni networks without being certified by SI, but then they are not eligible to apply for SI funding.

Kindly send one application per activity and at least 5 weeks ahead of the planned date. To increase your chances of receiving a grant for your activity – plan in good time and in your application be as specific as possible when communicating the required costs for the event(s).


Alumni Network Toolkit are ready-made activity ideas on topics that are in line with the Swedish Institute’s strategies and goals. The toolkits are meant to make it easier for you to host quality activities within your network. Application form is found under each toolkit.

SDG Activity

Certified alumni networks are eligible to apply for funding for an activity which is in line with one or several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Before applying for an activity based on your own ideas, please reach out to us at to discuss your thoughts.
Application form

Sweden Collaboration Activity

Support can be granted for activities relating to Sweden, Swedish culture and language or Swedish expertise within a certain field.
Application form

Applying for activity funding

The purpose of the activity grants is to support initiatives that alumni develop together and carry out in collaboration with each other. Activities can be carried out in collaboration with external partners and may also have other financial contributors. lt is important to know that the financial resources that are dedicated to the alumni networks are from Sweden’s budget for foreign aid. This means that all grants come from tax money and there are high demands on the exact use and reporting of the grants.

A certified alumni network may apply for up to 30.000 SEK per six months (1 March – 31 August; 1 September – 28 February). Before you apply make sure to fulfill the application requirements and have a plan for your budget.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Avoid cash payments when possible. If you ​​​​​​​think you will have receipts over 5000 SEK that is in cash – send this with your planned budget in the application with a motivation.

Application requirements:

  • The application is submitted by at least two board members (main organiser and co-organiser)
  • The application refers to one activity
  • The application considers given categories for activites listed below
  • The application aims to engage alumni in the activity
  • The budget follows instructions on what can(not) be included in the planning
  • The application is submitted 5 weeks prior to the event
  • If you have balance left from previous events, a new application must be made before utilising the current balance
  • If your network is granted financial support, you are required to send a report to SI after the activity is completed
  • New applications will not be approved before report from previous grants have been submitted and approved

What can be included in the activity budget:

  • Venue with suitable equipment for your activity
  • Catering – food and drinks
  • Payment for external speakers
  • Travel costs for alumni outside of bigger cities
  • Photographer
  • Workshop material such as post it, pens etc
  • Communication (printing/designing of posters, banners, SoMe ads, web, digital banners and similar) can constitute no more than 20% of the budget.
  • Online activity: grant is reserved mainly for speaker fees.
  • If there is a transaction fee from your bank to receive the grant you can add this to your budget and it does not have to be within the limits of the grant

What cannot be included in the activity budget:

  • Honorarium/salaries for alumni organisers and volunteers
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Goodie bags for participants at events – exceeding 100 SEK/bag
  • Outsourcing of management of activity to external consultants
  • One-time items such as t-shirts that are branded with a specific event logo or similar (environmental perspective)
  • Prizes for winners in contests over 250 SEK and never any cash as prize (tax regulation in Sweden)
  • Fees intended to support an individual alumni’s company, NGO, non-profit, university etc.
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Photo: Jens Persson, Umeå University
Reporting alumni activities
If you receive funding from SI, you need to report back two weeks after each alumni activity has taken place. Read about activity reporting here.
Go to activity reporting


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Alumni Activity Application Form
All certified alumni networks can receive funding from SI for organising an alumni activity based on a Toolkit, SDG goal(s) or Sweden Collaboration idea.Want to receive funding for your alumni activity?
Submit an application!
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Alumni Activity Report Form
After organising an alumni activity funded by SI a report from the activity must be submitted. Make sure to submit it 2 weeks after the activity has taken place at the latest.
Submit a report!