Alumni Network Communication

Communication is key to attracting people to your activities, and to create real impact of your work! On this page you can find guidelines and tips on how to manage the communication of your network. ​​​​​​​
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Communication and visibility

Being visable and communicating what you do as a network is important for attracting participants to the activities and new members to the network. There are several ways to do so, on this page you can find tips on how to reach out with what you do.

For new netwoks, the Swedish Institute can in some instances help you connect to the networks and alumni in your country. Send an email to and the SI Alumni Team can help you from there.

Cooperation with Embassies and Consulates

SI also encourages networks to co-organise activities together with Swedish Embassies and consulates to increase reach out and impact of your activity. The support from Embassies may depend on their resources and availability at a given time. Contact if you need support in establishing contact with your local Embassy or Consulate.

Using social media

We encourage all certified alumni networks to establish a platform for internal communication with members (Facebook, LinkedinWhatsapp or any other channel you think suits your network) and a Facebook page/Instagram account for spreading your work externally and sharing your activities with SI. Ensure that you follow the SI Code of Conduct for Social Media when working with the communications platforms.

Follow the Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Communication

As organisers of an alumni acitvities, physical or online, you are expected to ensure that all members and activities adher to the SI Code of Conduct and SI Code of Conduct for Social Media. Organisers must make sure to follow SI Guidelines for Communication.

Image Bank Sweden – pictures for your activities

You can use any picture found in the image bank when communicating Sweden, aslong as it’s for a non-commercial purpose. Please remember to write the photographer’s name and the source, for example like this: “Simon Paulin/”.

Logos and fonts

Feel free to create your own individual network logo! Please, send it to us for review before publishing. When your network’s name is usedin pamphlets, banners or similar, please use the font Arial.

Alumni networks are not official representatives of the Swedish Institute. Therefore we provide a “Supported by SI” logo. That logo is used when you are doing something that in some way has gotten financial support from the Swedish Institute. The logo is attached to every activity decision email from SI. If you have not received the logo, contact the SI Alumni Team: