Baltic LINes-RU: Integrating the Russian perspective into Baltic LINes

Baltic LINes-RU is connected to Baltic LINes, an EU project funded by the Intereg Baltic Sea Region programme. The Baltic LINes project wants to increase coherence of shipping routes and energy corridors in the Baltic Sea region.

The economic activities at sea are increasing. Therefore, the Baltic LINes project suggests that so-called maritime spatial planning is a key tool to reconcile various interests at sea. Planning of sea space is normally a matter of national jurisdiction. Yet, it is necessary to coordinate shipping routes, energy infrastructure and ecosystems in the region.

The Baltic LINes-RU project stresses the importance of involving Russia, as it shares sea borders with Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, to take part of the common pan-Baltic solutions and recommendations for maritime spatial planning in the EU project.

The Baltic LINes-RU project involves a Russian partner that will contribute with input to create more coherent maritime spatial planning for shipping routes and energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea. The project will allow the Russian partner to exchange experiences with the other partners. Furthermore, they will be able to contribute to the outputs of the EU project through considerations from a Russian perspective.