BALTICBLESC; Promoting intensive utilization of Big Data for efficient Learning, Research and sustainable growth

The BALTICBLESC project is about big data and one ambition is to prepare a new generation of researchers and engineers to use it.

Big data offers great opportunities for various purposes in modern industries and in society at large. For instance in healthcare where it may be used to predict epidemics and improve diagnostic accuracy. In the Baltic Sea region, large amounts of data are collected through modern technologies and high-capacity telecommunication infrastructure.

The BALTICBLESC project wants the next generation of professional engineers and researchers to learn more about big data and to be able to use it for new achievements. It wants academia and the private sector in the Baltic Sea region to collaborate. For this purpose, it plans to establish an Academia2Business big data network. Another goal of the project is to establish closer ties to five Ukrainian universities, in cooperation with private and non-governmental partners. The activities include establishment of the network, a study visit and seminars.