CBTRAN; Central Baltic Transport

The CBTRAN project is focusing on the link between strong communications and growth in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea region is large and transportation routes are often long. For the growth and development of the entire region, infrastructure and delivery chains need to work. Currently, there is no transport route linking east and west. Effective transportation corridors to Russia and Norway are also missing. Long distances and the growing demand for green transportation are challenging transportation in the region. The CBTRAN project wants to connect the Baltic Sea region through green and multimodal transport systems.

The project will establish a platform of representatives working with regional planning in the Baltic Sea region. Additional potential partners and stakeholders will be identified during the project. The goal is to set up common goals for transportation throughout the Baltic Sea region. Together, the project partners will apply for additional funding to further develop ideas on better communications in the region. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.