NOTS; Nordic Open Creative Energy Summit

The NOTS project addresses clean energy solutions. It wants existing technologies to be promoted in new ways and suggests more collaboration between the energy industry and the creative industries.

There are around 80 million people in the Baltic Sea region, a territory that encircles the sensitive ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. The project stresses that it is crucial to drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and for this purpose we must think in terms of market introduction and promotion of clean energy solutions. Clean and renewable energy solutions must be tailored for the consumers. The NOTS project emphasizes the need for promotion of innovative clean energy solutions, products and services for the Baltic Sea region market. It also stresses that it has proven to be difficult for small and medium sized companies in the region to expand their businesses to neighboring countries.

Trade across the borders in the Baltic Sea region is growing, but slower than expected. To this background, the project wants the partners in each country to invite stakeholders from both the energy industry and creative industries. The idea is to adopt a new creative approach on how to use existing technology in new innovating ways. The project tries to create inter-personal, cross-border and cross-sectoral collaborations within the field of clean energy.