Pre-BASIC Biogas; Preparatory work for the build-up of a Baltic Sea Innovation Cluster on Biogas

The Pre-BASIC Biogas project focuses on effective and sustainable production of biogas in the Baltic Sea region.

Biogas produced through anaerobic digestion is a good resource. It is sustainable, efficient and reduces greenhouse gases from agriculture. With sustainability becoming more important, many countries in the Baltic Sea region are investing in production of biogas. Different countries are specialized in different areas of biogas production. Through exchange of information between countries, the knowledge on biogas in the Baltic Sea region will increase. However, there is no platform where countries in the region can share knowledge. The Pre-BASIC Biogas project wants to create a platform where knowledge on anaerobic digestion and biogas is collected and shared.

The project will establish a network with focus on biogas in the Baltic Sea region. The goal is to recruit international biogas experts and partners within the public sector. Through meetings and seminars, the partners will write a joint application for a larger project (BASIC Biogas). The future aim is to write a report on best practices and information about biogas in several different languages. The report can be used for educational purposes. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.