RECO W2B-seed; Regional Cooperation on Waste to Biogas in the Baltic Sea Region – Seed

The RECO W2B-Seed project focuses on the so-called “Waste to Biogas” field in the Baltic Sea region.

The project suggests that urban bio-waste resources, such as food waste and sludge, are not used efficiently. This contributes to climate change and to the contamination of vulnerable ecosystems on land and sea. According to the RECO W2B-Seed project, current problems in the Baltic Sea region are lack of knowledge, insufficient regulatory frameworks and little understanding of the economics of “Waste to Biogas”. Also, the capacity for transnational integration is limited as most waste management authorities only operate in their own local environment. In the long run, the project wants to see more efficient management of urban bio-waste resources through transnational collaborations in the Baltic Sea region.

This project will work to strengthen an existing network of actors across the borders. In addition, it wants to find new partners along the value-chain, including national authorities, municipalities and enterprises. Another aim is to map the situation in each country, to define target groups and end-user needs, and share experiences. The activities include workshops, round table discussions with relevant partners and interviews with stakeholders in each country. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.