WAMBAF-R: Water Management in Baltic Forests – Russia

WAMBAF-R is connected to WAMBAF, an EU project funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. The WAMBAF project is about forestry and water quality.

Riparian forests, drainage and beaver activity are three topics identified by the EU project WAMBAF to have an impact on the quality of water. The WAMBAF-R project suggests that cooperation between different actors in the Baltic Sea region is needed to develop better management for forestry and water quality. In view of this, it wants to involve Russia in order to minimize the negative effects of forestry on the water quality in the region. The Russian Federal Forest Agency has pointed to the need of harmonized branch programmes and strategies for the preservation of waters and forests.

Through WAMBAF-R, Russian partners are included in the activities of the ongoing EU project. Some activities are particularly relevant for them. For instance, the development of a forest planning tool and collection of knowledge. The involvement of the Russian partners will be beneficial for the EU project, through a significant input of knowledge. Also, it will be valuable for the EU project to invite the Russian organizations to the mid-time and the final conferences.