SI Advocacy Lab 2022 – take your creative collaboration to the next level!

Are you an alumni of SI Leader Lab 2020, 2021 or 2022? Do you want to maximise your team’s creativity and collective intelligence? Apply for SI Advocacy Lab - a possibility to explore how creative and collaborative methods can generate more powerful advocacy work.
Four young people sitting in a workshop on the floor. In front of them they have colourful post-its. They are happy and in a discussion.

The lab is designed for 40 participants, who will not only meet onsite in Stockholm, Sweden, but also collaborate and get tailor made coaching according to their needs online.

You apply to the lab with a specific change initiative related to a campaign or advocacy work in your organisation that would benefit from new creative and collaborative methods.  

SI Advocacy Lab will take place in three steps:

Step 1 Meet online with your programme coach to go through the pre-tasks that will help you to further define the scope of your initiative and coordinate with your team at home. In August all participants will meet online to get to know each other and form connections. You will also hand in the first draft plan of your change initiative. 

Step 2 In September all participants meet for one intensive week onsite in Stockholm, Sweden. The week will focus on creative and collaborative methods to create powerful advocacy and opinion building. Topics will cover creative principles, creativity from a neuroscience perspective, structured ideation, divergent and convergent thinking and processes. The lab will be founded on experience-based and collaborative learning in an innovative and supportive environment, facilitated by Hyper Island. The training will start outside of Stockholm, in the beautiful setting of Ekerö, and end in the city center of Stockholm. The onsite meeting will happen if the pandemic situation allows, otherwise it will be conducted online.  

Step 3 The third step of the lab is about applying your initiative in your organisation. All participants decide how they will implement their initiative, using tools, methods and knowledge gained in the lab.  

Sessions continue online in October and November. The sessions are focusing on the implementation of your initiative. Additional coaching is offered on request. Deadline for the reports from the implementation of the initiative is 1 December.

Deliverables for participants: 

  • Delivery of programme pre-tasks and draft change initiative plan: 15 August    
  • Active participation in onsite meeting: 5-11 September   
  • Approximately 3-5 mandatory sessions online 
  • Deadline implementation plan: 3 October 
  • Deadline report from implementation of initiative: 1 December   


Who can apply? 

You can apply to the lab if you: 

  • Are an alumni of the following cohorts: SI Leader Lab MENA/South Asia 2020, 2021, 2022 or SI Leader Lab Eastern Europe 2022 
  • Work in a collaborative setting 
  • Have backing from your organisation to implement your change initiative 
  • Have the mandate and the motivation to create impact within the scope of SDG 16 and/or SDG 5  
  • Can commit to attend all the mandatory sessions  
  • Are ready to work with your team to apply the knowledge and tools from the lab in your organisation 


There will be 3-5 mandatory sessions online from August to December.  Additional coaching will be offered to all participants.  

  • Onsite meeting is in Stockholm, Sweden, 5-11 September (arrival: 5 September, departure: 11 September).
  • Additional time to implement the initiative 

How to apply? 

If you are interested in applying to the lab, fill in the application form below. Deadline is 6 June. All applicants will be notified about the decision by 20 June. Please note that it’s NOT possible to save and continue to fill the form later on, or to change a form that has been submitted.

Evaluation criteria 

  • Proven ability to make use of earlier participation in SI Leader Lab 
  • Personal motivation  
  • Endorsement from your organisation 
  • Draft idea of an initiative related to your organisation’s advocacy work  
  • Potential of the candidate to drive change within the scope of SDG 16 and/or SDG 5 
  • Organisational impact within the scope of SDG 16 and/or SDG 5 

The link to the applications form is not available at the moment.

Do you have questions and want to know more? 

Please read this Q & A for more information. You are also welcome to reach out if you have questions: