Swedish Institute Alumni Network

The Swedish Institute wants to stay in contact with all SI alumni through the SI Alumni Network. We offer support such as activity grants via local alumni networks.
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You are a member of the Swedish Institute (SI) Alumni Network if you have:

  • Received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute for studies in Sweden
  • Participated in a Swedish Institute Leadership Programme
  • Participated in summer courses financed by the Swedish Institute

About the network

The Swedish Institute Alumni Network includes more than 15,000 talented individuals from over 140 countries. You were chosen by the SI because of your ability and will to change the world. Now, when you are done with your studies or your programme, we want to keep supporting you in the role of a change maker. We do this by facilitating getting connected to other people with the same engagement as you have. And of course, we want to stay in touch with you and make sure you do not forget about Sweden.

Join a local network

Local alumni networks and groups exist all over the world and have three purposes:

  • to work together for sustainable development
  • to offer a platform where you can stay in touch with Sweden and the Swedish Institute
  • to help you get to know people who had the same experience and share the same interests as you

Most alumni networks are open to all Sweden alumni, including former students and researchers at Swedish universities who were not SI scholarship beneficiaries.

We encourage you to join the network where you live – it’s fun, you get to meet new people and you can organise activities together. Many of the networks are certified by SI which means they can apply for funding for activities and events continuously during the year. All activities that are organised by the networks are posted in the Sweden Alumni Event Calendar.

You can find all local alumni networks here. If there is no network where you live, we are happy to help you to set one up. Just send us an email at alumni@si.se.

Note that all networks are run on a voluntary basis. The SI does not pay any salaries to the board members.

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Sweden Alumni Event Calendar
The Sweden Alumni Event Calendar is a website where you can find information about activities organised by alumni networks Swedish embassies, universities or other Swedish organisations. You can sign up to the calendar to get notifications where there is an activity planned where you live.
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Foto: Cecilia Larsson Lantz Studenter som cyklar
Foto: Cecilia Larsson Lantz. Studenter som cyklar
Shaping New Realities- the Podcast
Shaping New Realities is a podcast about Swedish Institute alumni striving for a gender equal world. Listen to learn how they make a change in different countries with different means of communication.
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Stay in touch!
You can always contact us at alumni@si.se. We publish most of our offers and updates on Facebook but also via our newsletter. If you have not been in touch with us since you graduated or have changed your email address since then – please update it by sending us an email.
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