SI alumni from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine may apply for a grant to hold an activity related to SDG 6 and SDG 14. The activity should be relevant to the Baltic Sea region. Up to 12,000 SEK can be applied for.

The expected impact of the activity, the quality of the application and the relevance of the activity in relation to the local context will be the main parameters in SI’s assessment of the applications. The main objective of the activity should be to generate impact and target groups should be defined accordingly. Up to ten activities will be selected.

Alumni who are awarded an event grant will also have the possibility to attend the Nobel Week Dialogue in Stockholm with a travel grant from SI (max. two alumni per organising team).

The Nobel Week Dialogue is an annual one-day event taking place during the Nobel week. The event aims to stimulate discussion at the highest level on a topical science-related theme by bringing together Nobel Laureates, the world’s leading scientists and experts, key opinion leaders, policy makers and the general public, online as well as on site. By bridging science and society, it’s an opportunity to stimulate thinking, excite imagination and inspire greatness.

“This year the Nobel Week Dialogue will be turning its attention to a topic that is important to us all. As a resource, for our health, for the environment and in culture: water matters.” More information here.

How to apply:

1. Develop your event idea together with one or several other SI alumni
2. Read the terms and conditions
3. Fill out this bank form.
4. Fill out the application form. Upload the bank form with your application. Your application will not be assessed unless you have uploaded the bank form.

Deadline to apply is 12 October. Please avoid submitting your application on the very last day as many simultaneous submissions may cause the application form to crash. Make sure you receive a copy of your application to your own email address. This confirms that your application has gone through. If you do not receive a copy, please try again or contact us