SI offers new crisis support for cultural or media projects that work with vulnerable Ukrainian target groups.

The new support is aimed at key Ukrainian actors in the cultural sector, media and civil society, inside or outside Ukraine. The goal is for them to be able to contribute to the reconstruction of the country.
detalj av Ukrainas flagga

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, SI has been following developments in the region closely and evaluating how, based on our mission and current funding, we can best support organisations, projects and individuals. Work is currently underway to re-prioritise operations and find new collaboration opportunities that can contribute to a positive development in the region, in the short and long term.

SI has accordingly decided to offer a crisis support programme to Swedish organisations for cooperation with vulnerable Ukrainian agents for change who are active in the culture and media sectors.

The projects will strengthen the capacity and resilience of the Ukrainian participants and may include training, public projects, residency or refuge programmes. The support will give the participants an opportunity to continue working despite their difficult circumstances.

SI’s support is aimed at selected Swedish organisations which have well-established collaborations with actors in Ukraine, good knowledge of the situation and the region, and the capacity to deal with challenges linked to the participants’ situation.

The processing time for project applications will be short. Applications will be accepted until May 9 and the projects that receive support can last for up to 18 months.

Support for Russian media, cultural and civil society actors facing repression

SI’s activities in Russia are part of the government’s strategy for Sweden’s support for democracy, human rights and the environment. Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, SI has decided to end all funding going to state and public actors in Russia. However, our  mission to support democracy-promoting efforts, human rights and international cooperation in culture, media and civil society remains unchanged.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been accompanied by a growing repression in Russia. Independent Russian media actors, cultural workers and civil society representatives are being subjected to severe pressure. Many can no longer work in the country and have already left.

In line with our assignment, SI will provide funding for selected Swedish organisations who wish to carry out projects working with key vulnerable Russian actors in media, culture and civil society who are likely to be able to contribute to democratic development in their home country, now or in the longer term.