Swedish Institute scholarship recipients 2020/2021

The recipients of the Swedish Institute scholarships for master’s studies starting in the autumn semester 2020 have now been determined. Congratulations to all recipients!

List of recipients 

The recipients of each scholarship are as follows:

List of successful candidates SISGP 2020

List of successful candidates SISSA 2020

List of successful candidates-Visby Programme 2020

List of successful candidates-Turkey W. Balkans 2020

How were the recipients chosen?

Scholarships are awarded through a rigorous selection process based on the relevance and quality of each application, in accordance with the aim and purpose of each respective scholarship programme. Academic merits are not taken into consideration.

How many people applied?

I’m on the list! What’s next?

If you’re on the list of successful scholarship recipients, you’ll receive an official scholarship offer by e-mail by 27 – 28 April. Make sure to accept the scholarship offer by the deadline indicated in your e-mail. The offer is only valid for the master’s programme stated in the offer. Also, please make sure to decline admissions and/or reserve places to other master’s programmes at University Admissions according to the instruction.

If you’re on the reserve list, you will be informed via e-mail during May/June, if you are offered a scholarship. If you don’t receive an offer by this date, unfortunately you will not receive a scholarship for this academic year. You are welcome to re-apply during the next application period.

I’m not on the list. What’s next?

If you’re not on the list, you have unfortunately not been offered a scholarship, or a reserve place. Applicants who are not offered a scholarship will not be notified individually.

Please visit studyinsweden.se to look for other sources of scholarship funding, including university and third-party scholarships.