The Swedish Institute award scholarships to 432 foreign students for studies in Sweden

Every year, the Swedish Institute awards scholarships to non-European students for studies at Swedish universities. Today, 432 people from 42 countries are awarded scholarships for studies at master's level.

Scholarship for Global Professional has the aim of empowering future global leaders whose ambition is to work toward a democratic, just and sustainable society in their home countries and regions. The scholarship is awarded based on academic merits, work and leadership experience, as well as one’s prerequisites for working towards a democratic society. The total budget for this year’s scholarship holders comprises approximately 200 million SEK.

In this year’s round, SI received 8079 applications. Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan are among the countries with the most applicants. The scholarship holders will be studying at 28 higher education institutions in Sweden and the most popular subjects are social science, engineering and technology.

– For a small, export-dependent country like ours, it is important to build international networks. The students who come here form lifelong ties to our country. Thanks to this relationship, important doors are opened for Sweden and Swedish companies abroad. Studying in Sweden also gives these talents more tools and increased knowledge to work with the global goals and the 2030 Agenda in their home countries, says Madeleine Sjöstedt, Director General of the Swedish Institute. 

The Swedish Institute’s task is also to market Sweden as a study destination, e.g., through the platform Study In Sweden and provide support to foreign universities that offer Swedish language courses around the world, as well as to create and support alumni networks around the world. 

You can now find our final and complete list of scholarship holders

Thank you for being patient with us and the technical error we experienced yesterday.

Our team personally reads through every application of scholarship applicants who are admitted on 7 April, these are thousands of applications that we work through. The error we experienced was that we had received additional applications to read through, of students who were not admitted to universities, resulting in some of them being awarded scholarships.

Our team has worked intensely to review and verify the status of all listed scholarship holders and removed those who were not admitted to a university programme (as per our terms and conditions). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We have assigned the remaining scholarships to applicants who were placed on our reserves list, published yesterday. These are applicants who fulfilled all conditions to become SI Global Professional scholarship holders.

You can now find our final and complete list of scholarship holders 2022/2023 here

Congratulations to all and we look forward to welcoming you to Sweden.