The Swedish Institute gathers 346 scholars for the annual diploma ceremony

On May 27, the Swedish Institute organized its annual diploma ceremony for the recipients of SI's scholarship. 364 scholars from 46 different countries graduate this year and it was celebrated with a ceremony in Stockholm City Hall.
annual diploma ceremony

The Swedish Institute has worked to strengthen relations between Sweden and the outside world since 1945 – Scholarships have been used as a means to fulfill this mission.

The ceremony began with a welcome by the Swedish Institute’s Director General Madeleine Sjöstedt, who emphasized the importance of international relations and cooperation to solve common challenges:

Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson. Picture: SI’s GD Madeleine Sjöstedt opening speech at the graduation ceremony.

– The world is facing tough challenges and it is absolutely central that we collaborate to find solutions. We cannot do it alone. You, as agents of change and future leaders, are part of the future. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to gather before you return to your home countries, although we hope that even then will continue to keep in touch with us – and Sweden.

Scholars from 46 countries

The scholars graduating this year come from 46 countries. In a couple of days, they will graduate at the various universities around Sweden, where they will complete a one- or two-year master’s degree in the hope of driving a sustainable future in their home countries. Getrude Barnabas from Tanzania, studies Public Health in Health and Social Welfare at Mälardalen University and shares her thoughts on her journey so far:

– I have really enjoyed my time in Sweden and I have learned a lot compared to where I come from. I hope that what I have learned and experienced in one way or another will enable me to contribute to positive change in my home country.

This autumn, 299 new scholars from 40 countries are moving to Sweden

In February, SI received nearly 10,000 applications for the open call for scholarships. This autumn, 299 new scholars from 40 countries are moving to Sweden to begin their education at a Swedish university. Maria Alejandra Linares from Bolivia, studying geoscience hydrology/hydrogeology at Uppsala University shares her advice to the new fellows:

– The study system in Sweden is so different from Bolivia, the fact that you work so closely with your professors and other students at the university created a sense of belonging. I also want to highlight that the diversity of people you get to meet within SI’s network during your studies contributed to the feeling of community.

Members of the Swedish Institute Alumni Network

The SI scholarship is not the end of their relations with Sweden. After completing their studies and returning home, they become members of the Swedish Institute Alumni Network, which today includes approximately 16,000 members worldwide.