The Swedish Institutes Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) results in handbook for practitioners working with migration and integration

The handbook “From Migration and Integration Challenges to Good Practices: Practitioners’ Perspectives” was recently launched as a result of one of the modules in Swedish Institutes Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP). The book serves as a practical toolkit for public sector or civil society actors working with migration and integration in the Eastern Partnership coountries and the Baltic Sea Region.
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– The book is a testimony of the brilliant things that can happen when theory meets practice. We are proud of the high level of the training, thanks to very passionate and dedicated professors from the Swedish Universities who carry out the modules within SAYP and the committed participants, says Adiam Tedros, head of the Development Programme Unit at the Swedish Institute.

The book was developed from one of the modules within SAYP held in Tbilisi, Georgia 2018 on the theme Migration and Integration in the Eastern Partnership and the Baltic Sea Region:  Policy and Administrative Challenges for the Development of Inclusive Societies.

The editors of the book, Gregg Bucken-Knapp, Manana Gabashvili and Karin Zelano, at the University of Gothenburg and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, jointly states;

-We are deeply proud of the participants in SAYP 2018 Tbilisi, who came together to develop a fascinating set of case studies drawing on their expertise in the fields of migration and integration in their respective countries.  The book that they have produced is impressive for the way on which the participants have sought to demonstrate the relevance of their cases for practitioners working with migration and integration throughout Europe and beyond.

SAYP allows for young professionals from Eastern Partnership countries and the Baltic Sea Region to gather for two weeks and undergo intensive training on a theme closely related to their professional sphere of interest.  As a follow-up project to this specific module, selected participants from Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden have continued work on themes and cases of interest and developed the book, with the goal to ensure that their insights can be shared with the broadest possible community of practitioners working within the field of migration and integration across Europe.

To download the book click here.

The Summer Academy for Young Professionals will open for application in February 2021. More information about thematic modules and how to apply will be available on this link.