“You can achieve many benefits as an SISGP holder, like networking and career support”

Lien Vu Thi Kim, our previous scholarship holder from Vietnam. Completed her master’s degree in Finance at Lund University in June 2021 . This is her story:
SISGP holder Lien from Vietnam. Enjoy the snow in Lund.

What made you apply for the SI Scholarship and your master program in Sweden?

I received the SISGP scholarship in 2020 for my 1-year master program in finance at Lund University. There are many reasons why I applied for the SI scholarship and my master program in Sweden. One of the key points is the high-quality education of Lund University in specific and Sweden in general. Besides, SI scholarship is a global scholarship focusing on professionals. It has a huge network (NFGL) for scholars to help us become global leaders in the future. Moreover, I realized that my profile fitted well with requirements of the scholarship. Therefore I decided to apply for the SISGP scholarship.

What impact has the SI scholarship had so far in your career and for your personal development?

One of the best things about SISGP is that the NFGL network provides me the chance to connect and make friends with like-minded future global leaders through its activities and training. I learned many things from those wonderful friends. Not only interesting aspects of different cultures, but also professional knowledge from their areas. As an outgoing and energetic person, I am a big fan of extra-curriculum activities that the network provides its members. Both current scholars and alumni. Equally important, obtaining the SISGP scholarship not only helps me assert myself but also serves as an effective tool for me to prove myself to recruiters.

What are your dreams for the future?

In the future, I will continue to counsel Vietnamese social projects. Theese projects are born with great ideas but cannot develop sustainably due to the shortage of fundamental knowledge in management, finance, legislation, etc. Also in financial aspect such as representing financial statements in a true and fair view to attract more long-life donors or effectively managing and using excess cash, etc. I also want to use my knowledge and my international working experience. As well as the network that I accumulated during the time I studied and worked abroad, to support fledgling companies in Vietnam in managerial finance.

Why should others apply for SI scholarships?

As can be seen from my story, there are many benefits that you can achieve when you are a SISGP holder. Like networking and career support. It is also undeniable that financial and visa support from the scholarship enabled me to have more time to focus on my studying. Also to expand my network and get on well with the Swedish culture. So now I can get a job offer right after my graduation. If I must use three words to describe my time in Sweden, it will be colorful, meaningful, and unforgettable. Good luck with your application and welcome to a new journey.