Charity concert for Ukraine

The string ensemble Kyiv Soloists was on a European tour and situated in Italy when Ukraine was invaded by Russia. War broke out and everything changed. Thanks to EUNIC Stockholm, a charity concert will take place at Konserthuset Stockholm.
Ensemblen står uppställda på en scen.

”We play for peace”, says Anatolii Vasylkovskii, artistic leader of the Kyiv Soloists. ”It is difficult to put our emotions into words… our families are in Ukraine and we keep contact with them every day; with our parents, siblings and relatives. Our work is tough right now, but we play. Music helps us in this situation, and it is our duty to bring out Ukrainian culture.”


EUNIC Stockholm is a Swedish network for European organizations in the cultural sector, in which the Swedish Institute is part. EUNIC Stockholm is a sub-organization of the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Brussels.

The concert is at Konserthuset Stockholm Sunday 27 March 2022. The following concert tour goes to Uppsala, Gothenburg and Oslo.