Highlighting themes of relevance to both Sweden and the outside world, such as innovation, sustainability, culture and social issues, we offer tools and support to those wishing to communicate the story of Sweden.

We engage in international cooperation through our own communication with target groups abroad and by providing support for other actors’ communication on the subject of Sweden. By constantly developing our communication and our support in terms of methodology, technology, form and content, we ensure that we are relevant to individuals and others wishing to act in international contexts.

SI’s digital presence

SI’s digital tools are constantly improving. Web pages are the hub of Sweden’s digital communication and we stand behind the official Swedish website, sweden.se, that communicate in English, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

The channels operate through a combination of Stockholm-based project managers closely familiar with the country concerned and freelance colleagues working in that country. Cooperation with local actors in both traditional and social media means that content of relevance to Sweden can be disseminated more widely.

Sharing Sweden – information and material

Sharing Sweden is a web platform with easily accessible material and toolkits that Swedish missions abroad and other intermediaries can use to promote visibility and interest in Sweden as a country. The material is designed to reflect Sweden in a broad perspective, encompassing SI’s overarching themes of social development, innovation, culture and creativity and other relevant thematic issues in Swedish government policy, including a feminist foreign policy and Agenda 2030. Sharing Sweden offers everything from pre-packaged concepts, toolkits, fact sheets and books about Sweden to information about how people can work with the Sweden brand in their communication. Most of the material on the website is open to all and free to use.

SI in social media

Curators of Sweden is one of Sweden’s official Twitter accounts. Each week, a new person manages the @Sweden account and for seven days tweets about life in Sweden and shares opinions and ideas along the way. A new Swede then takes over the baton. The idea behind Curators of Sweden is to give ordinary citizens the chance to interpret our country and present an image of it that may not be so familiar to the outside world.

Visits by foreign journalists

SI organises journalist visits for the purpose of heightening awareness of and interest in Sweden and also making the country more visible in foreign media. Such visits are arranged both on request, where the theme is decided in consultation with the missions abroad and media organisations, and at SI’s own initiative. This activity is a means of maximising the international impact of Swedish priority issues. One of the services at sweden.se, Media Room, offers productions of moving material that foreign media can freely download and use in their own channels.

The Image of Sweden strategy

SI takes an active part in the effort to establish coherent, long-term communication focusing on Sweden and Swedish strengths. Together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, the Ministry of Culture, Business Sweden and VisitSweden, we develop and implement the ‘Image of Sweden strategy’– a joint strategy presenting Sweden and Swedish experience to a variety of target groups and through various channels

Part of the Government’s export strategy

During the year, SI has discharged a number of assignments specifically intended to help implement the Government’s export strategy. One of them involves producing visitors’ programmes for target groups of international policymakers in fields of work that are crucial to sustainable social development, and also for groups dealing with innovation and entrepreneurship where Swedish skills are in demand.

SI Paris

Every year, over 100,000 visitors access Swedish culture and education in one form or another via the Institut Suédois in Paris. This means we are one of the most popular foreign culture institutes in the French capital. SI Paris is also Sweden’s only cultural centre abroad.

The Swedish language abroad

At our website Svenska språket i världen we describe how the Swedish Institute supports Swedish language teachers and students abroad.

Our support is extended mainly to Swedish language instruction at foreign institutions of higher education. The Swedish Institute is in touch with more than 225 institutions in 40-odd countries. At present there are about 18,000 students studying Swedish outside the Nordic area.

If you are interested in the Swedish language and would like to learn the Swedish, please visit learningswedish.se or download Learning Swedish – the app: