Communicating Sweden

Telling the world about Sweden is part of all SI activities. Our task is to communicate Sweden and Swedish skills, experience, as well as values important to us, in a broad perspective.
Unga människor runt ett dukat bord utomhus

We highlight themes of relevance to both Sweden and the outside world, such as innovation, sustainability, culture and social issues.

Our work is international. We communicate with target groups abroad and provide support for others who wish to talk about Sweden. By constantly developing our communication, we ensure that we are relevant to our target groups and those wishing to act in international contexts.

SI’s digital presence

SI’s digital tools are constantly improving. We are in charge of  the official Swedish website,, and communicate in English, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

Social media channels are the hub of Sweden’s digital communication. You can find us on, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Good knowledge of our target groups and current events, as well as cooperation with local actors means that exciting and relevant information about Sweden can reach more people.

Sharing Sweden – information and material

Sharing Sweden is a web platform with easily accessible material and toolkits that Swedish missions abroad and other actors can use to present and talk about Sweden. The material is designed to reflect modern Sweden in a broad perspective. The main themes are social development, innovation, culture and creativity and other relevant issues, including a feminist foreign policy and Agenda 2030.

Sharing Sweden offers everything from pre-packaged concepts, toolkits, fact sheets and books about Sweden to information about how people can work with the Sweden brand in their communication. Most of the material on the website is open to all and free to use.

Image Bank Sweden

Image Bank Sweden is the official image bank of Sweden. There you will find several thousand photos that will tell you about everyday life in Sweden. They showcase such themes as Swedish innovations, sustainability, culture and creativity. If you wish to communicate Sweden abroad, you are welcome to download the images. They are free, you simply need to approve the terms of use. SI administers Image Bank Sweden together with Visit Sweden.

SI in Paris: Institut Suédois

Every year, over 100,000 visitors access Swedish culture and education in one form or another via the Institut Suédois in Paris. This means we are one of the most popular foreign culture institutes in the French capital. Institut Suédois is also Sweden’s only cultural centre abroad. The main task is to promote Swedish culture.

Swedish Institute in Paris works together with French and Swedish artists and cultural institutions to raise important issues for tomorrow’s society. The institute strives to be a focal point for cultural exchanges and promote openness and innovation.

The Image of Sweden strategy

The ‘Image of Sweden strategy’ is a joint strategy presenting Sweden and Swedish experience to a variety of target groups. Together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, the Ministry of Culture, Business Sweden and VisitSweden, SI develops and works with the strategy. The goal is to create a uniform and relevant narrative.

Swedish language abroad

On our website, Svenska språket i världen, you can find out about how we support language teachers and students abroad. You can also read articles in Swedish about the Swedish language.

The Swedish Institute supports Swedish language teaching at foreign institutions of higher education. There are more than 225 of these in some 40 countries and about 18,000 students studying Swedish outside the Nordic area.