Madeleine Sjöstedt is Director-general of the Swedish Institute and also chair of the board that on behalf of the Swedish public has insight into the work of the agency.

Department for international relations

The department enables collaborations, knowledge development and experience exchange with the target audiences of SI. Rooted in Swedish skills and profile issues, we build lasting relations and active networks with talents, opinion leaders and decision makers worldwide.

Director: Kurt Bratteby

Department for Sweden communication

Addressing SI’s target audiences, the department will, in collaboration with other stakeholders, build engaging relationships, communication and public meetings that leads to a clear and multifaceted image of Sweden abroad. Institut suédois in Paris is also part of this departement. The department also implements global analyses and develops strategies for the department’s own activities and as a support to other departments.

Director: Per-Arne Wikström

Department for strategic leadership and management

The department gives support to the leadership and organisation by conducting support processes as well as supporting main processes. The purpose is for the agency to be able to perform their missions in an effective and innovative manner and will thus be in the best position to fulfill their goals.

Director: Mikaela Fredriksén Tollin

Department for digitalisation and communication

The Communications department at SI is responsible for the external communication on behalf of the agency, internal communications and also supports the board of directors on administrative and strategic issues. Please contact us if you have questions about SI, or would like to get in touch with SI.

Director: Anna Rudels

Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council:

Madeleine Sjöstedt is Director-general and Chairwoman of the Council

Mattias Fyrenius, CEO Nobelmedia AB
Mia Horn av Rantzien, CEO Centre for Business and Policy Studies
Agneta Gille, Member of Parliament (s)
Olov Lavesson, Member of Parliament (m)
Gudrun Persson, scientist Swedish Defence Research Agency
Joakim Appelquist, Director Vinnova
Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor Uppsala University
Behrooz Gilanpour, CEO Ozonetech