We build relations and networks

SI collaborates widely with authorities, business, civil society and universities to spread knowledge about Sweden and promote long-term relationships abroad. Through our close collaboration with Sweden's embassies and consulates, we offer a unique network for the internationalisation of Swedish competencies.
Photo: Moa Karlberg

The starting point for our work is collaboration. Collaborations based on mutual interest and clear local ownership create long-term sustainable relationships. The goal for the activity is that SI’s target groups – individuals and institutions – have strengthened their work for democratisation and sustainability and their ability to act and change in their specific contexts.

The Global Professional Scholarship is a fully funded international scholarship programme for master’s studies in Sweden. The programme is aimed at students and professionals from 41 countries who have the ambition to contribute to sustainable development in their home countries. The scholarship offers a unique opportunity for the recipient to develop both professionally and academically, experience Swedish culture, and build lasting relationships with both Sweden and other scholarship recipients. The programme is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. More information about the scholarship can be found here.

Network for leaders and change agents

We also work to attract talent to Sweden, create and maintain talent networks that contribute to a democratic, fair and sustainable global development and to increase Sweden’s attractiveness as a nation of knowledge.

The Swedish institute works actively with the SI Network for Global Professionals (NFGP) – a network that aims to build a strong and long-term relationship between Sweden and SI’s fellows. The members of the network are offered the opportunity to participate in events, workshops and company visits around Sweden, in order to gain greater knowledge of Sweden, create networks and contacts.

The relationship-building work during the stay in Sweden builds a strong community between the fellows and a clear relationship to Sweden, which then forms the basis of our alumni activities. SI’s alumni are key people for continued exchange and collaboration in higher education and research, but also in the international dialogue on democracy, human rights, sustainability and equality. Read more about our alumni work.

Collaboration as a tool for change

The Swedish Institute works to strengthen Sweden’s relations and develop collaborations with countries around the Baltic Sea and the countries in the EU’s Eastern Partnership. We finance collaborations and exchanges for both individuals and organisations. Through our work, we contribute to increased capacity, networks, long-term relationships, and collaborations between Sweden and other countries in the Baltic Sea region.

The Creative Partnerships Program offers project support to Swedish organisations and their international partners in civil society, culture and the media sector. The programme will enable collaborative projects with a focus on democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. Read more about the Creative Partnerships Programme and about our other work in the Baltic Sea Region.