Building relations and networks

SI’s development cooperation operates where financial assistance and deepened Swedish relations with the outside world intersect, the ultimate goal being sustainable global development.
Scholarship holders at the Diploma Ceremony 2019

We collaborate widely in Sweden with government, business, civil society and higher education institutions to spread information and knowledge about Sweden as well as to promote long-term relationships abroad. Through our close cooperation with Sweden’s embassies and consulates, we offer a unique network for the internationalisation of Swedish competencies.

If Sweden has relevant and positive ties with the outside world, and well-developed international networks, it becomes easier for Swedish international policies to make an impact, for Swedish businesses to trade and to attract investments, for Swedish institutions of higher education, Swedish research and Swedish industry to attract talents, and for Swedish culture to spread abroad.

Long-term cooperation

The basic principle is that cooperation based on mutual interest and clearly specified local ownership leads to relations that are sustainable in the long term. The goal of this SI activity is to help target groups – individuals and institutions – strengthen both their efforts in pursuit of democratisation and sustainability and their ability to act and bring about change in their specific contexts.

Talent networks

SI actively seeks to attract talent to Sweden and to establish and maintain talent networks that contribute both to democratic, equitable and sustainable global development and to enhancing Sweden’s attractiveness as a knowledge-based society. Via the student platform and activities at embassies, fairs and universities around the world, we seek to increase awareness about Sweden as a place of study.

The Swedish Institute is actively engaged in the SI Network for Global Professionals (NFGP), the aim of which is to establish a strong and lasting relationship between Sweden and SI scholarship holders. The members of the network are offered the chance to take part in events, workshops and company visits around Sweden in order to learn more about the country, to develop goodwill and to establish contacts.

The NFGP creates a strong sense of community among the scholarship holders and helps them establish an explicit relationship with Sweden that subsequently provides a basis for SI’s Alumni network. The participants are key figures in the continuing exchange of knowledge and cooperation in higher education and research, but also in the international dialogue on democracy, human rights, sustainability and gender equality.

Culture as a tool for change

Creative Force is a programme that seeks to promote freedom of expression, democracy and respect for human rights. We provide funding for creative initiatives between Swedish and international organisations that use culture or the media as a means of effecting change.