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Swedish Design Movement

Swedish Design Movement is a governmental initiative that aims to increase the international passion in Swedish design. During the yearly architechture month 'Archtober' in New York, a three day seminar...

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Turkey: Equal Spaces – Creative | Smart | Inclusive

Studies show that creative urban spaces are vital for growth, innovation and inclusion. Smart cites find innovative technical or digital solutions to urban challenges, and inclusive urban surroundings make use...

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Pioneering Women in Film

The project Pioneering Women in Film pays tribute to women that have contributed to making the film industry a more gender-equal place. Gender equality is not only a human right,...

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The illustration aims to highlight the 75th anniversarie of Pippi Longstocking. Pippi holds three cakes, one on her head and one in each hand. On the side is Mr Nilsson with a huge lollipop.

Congrats Pippi!

A new communications material for Swedish embassies world wide, produced by the Swedish Institute along with Astrid Lindgren AB, remarks the 75-year anniversary for the worlds strongest girl – Congrats...

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Five men sitting in a stair way construction having a discussion. #globalguytalk aims to bring med together and have discussions around topics they seldom speak about. Photo: Swedish Institute


As a follow up on Swedish Dads, Swedish Embassies and their partner organisations are invited to join the #globalguytalk. The concept is easy - gather a group of guys, in...

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Buildings in a city

The smart city – meeting the urban challenge

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. The rapid urbanisation poses major challenges with regards to living environment, water treatment, sewage, waste, and air quality. This exhibition...