Pioneer the possible

This communications platform is designed to promote Swedish exports and attract investment and talent. It is there to help Brand Sweden to strengthen the offer and make it more credible, to make more of a difference and be heard above the buzz.

We want to deepen the relationship with everyone who already holds a positive view of Sweden. Everyone who comes into contact with Sweden, who appreciates Swedish values, and who shares our desire to make the world a better place and achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

If we all communicate the same core messages in an engaging way, more of our audience will understand why Sweden and Swedish entities are of interest. Influencing people emotionally increases their receptiveness to rational arguments for choosing Sweden – today and tomorrow. 

This communications concept is there to help open doors, forge new partnerships and maintain key relationships. Be inspired – and inspire others! 

What’s the aim? 

Sweden aspires to be the first fossil-free OECD country, an aim that is official government policy. Our mission is to raise interest in Sweden and Swedish actors among our international target group as a route to driving sustainable growth at national and international level. 

What do we want the target group to do? 

We want more businesses and organisations to choose Sweden for trade, business startups and job creation. We want more entities to choose Sweden because of our leadership in sustainable development. And we want progressive forces to join us in achieving the 2030 Agenda. 

What’s the we offer? 

Working closely with Swedish organisations offers a short-cut to sustainability and prosperity – for individuals, businesses and countries alike. Together we can pave new ways forward. 

Why believe in Sweden? 

Sweden is the credible and inspiring leader of the sustainability transformation. It is the country that has come farthest in this great shift.* As a pioneering and progressive country, we’re already expected to lead. We have many ongoing initiatives that illustrate our direction of travel. Spanning the private and public sectors and multiple fields and segments, these projects are driven by committed and open partnerships. They have either already generated proven value or have great potential to do so. 

Here you go – a communications concept that opens doors! 

To find about more about the Pioneer the Possible communication concept, please visit the Sharing Sweden website 

*Climate Change Performance Index ranks Sweden as the global leader in implementing the Paris Agreement (2021).