Pioneer the possible

The Pioneer the possible communications concept is designed to promote Swedish exports and attract investment and talent. It is there to help Brand Sweden to strengthen the offer and make it more credible, to make more of a difference and be heard above the buzz. 

The communications concept is there to help open doors, forge new partnerships and maintain key relationships. Be inspired – and inspire others! Pioneer the possible offers a communications framework, guidance and tools for international trade promotion. 

Swedish foreign missions can apply for support from the SI. Other stakeholders with a trade promotion agenda and an international target group can also use the material and tools. 

With Pioneer the possible we want deepen the relationships with everyone who shares our desire to accelerate the green transition through cooperation. 

Why Sweden?

Working closely with Swedish organisations offers a short-cut to sustainability and prosperity – for individuals, businesses and countries alike. Together we can pave new ways forward. 

Why believe in Sweden?

As a pioneering and progressive country, we were the first country to decide on a legal framework for the climate. This paved the way for companies and organisations to take the lead in transitioning to climate neutral businesses.  We have many ongoing initiatives that illustrate our direction of travel. Spanning the private and public sectors and multiple fields and segments, these projects are driven by committed and open partnerships. They have either already generated proven value or have great potential to do so. 

If you want to get in touch with Sweden for trade promotion activities, contact local embassy, local Business Sweden office or visit Sweden Tech Ecosystem – a platform with information about startups and scaleups. 

To find about more about the Pioneer the Possible communication concept, please visit the Sharing Sweden website  

*Climate Change Performance Index ranks Sweden as the global leader in implementing the Paris Agreement (2021).