Exhibition: A Tribute to Children’s Books

This exhibition presents 17 plates from Swedish children’s books, paying tribute to literature and the role it plays in our self-development.
Illustration Sara Gimbergsson

Books play a key role in the way we discover the worlds that surround us, be they the worlds of colours and letters, or the worlds of different countries and cultures. Books also open doors to the imagination and concepts: the spoken and written word, the concrete and the abstract, dreams and reality, and so on.

The exhibition features 17 sentences or quotes comprising a tribute to what children’s books contribute to our daily lives from childhood onwards. 17 leading Swedish children’s book illustrators have agreed to take part by each associating one of their illustrations with one of the sentences. Illustrations by Jens Ahlbom, Lena Anderson, Anna Bengtsson, Gunilla Bergström, Ann Forslind, Sara Gimbergsson, Gunna Grähs, Per Gustavsson, Pija Lindenbaum, Barbo Lindgren, Sara Lundberg, Sven Nordqvist, Pernilla Stahlfelt, Cecilia Torudd, Johan Unenge, Emma Virke and Stina Wirsén.

Exhibition produced by Barnboksakademin, the Swedish children’s book academy.