Kids Hack the Crisis!

The Swedish Institute and UNICEF Sweden are inviting to a global hackathon with children, by children and for children.
Två flickor tittar på en mobil

The goal is to create real solutions to the challenges that the current crisis has caused in children’s lives, due to the virus itself but especially due to the consequences of decisions taken by societies to limit the spread of the virus. These decisions have affected children’s lives and life chances greatly. Things like school closure, social and economic consequences, social isolation and distancing, increased need of digital solutions etc have had huge effects on children’s lives.

It is time to invite children and young people to be part of the solution. In Kids Hack the Crisis children all over the world can join in creating the sustainable solutions we need – from being part of formulating the challenges, working on the solutions and bringing them to life.

Kids Hack the Crisis is a global online hackathon taking place October 23rd-25th. You participate digitally through your laptop, cellphone or tablet.

Do you want to participate as a hacker, or do you and your organization want to contribute with competence, mentors, bringing the solutions to life or something else?

Keep posted – more info coming this September!

For questions, please contact: