Our Manifesto

Design plays a key role in the transition to a sustainable society. Design can turn information into action, and ideas into business. Design can entice people to make wise, longterm decisions. Design can close the circle.

Influencing how we live our lives is nothing new in Swedish design. Driven by society’s evolution,
Swedish designers have shaped profound social reforms and fast-footed unicorns alike. Innovations
that have forever changed our daily life.

And now, it’s time again. The world must transition, and rapidly so, in order to meet the global
challenges. Some argue that it’s already too late, but humanity has done it before: found
solutions that no one thought were possible. Encouraged by the next generation and supported
by politicians, academics and the industry, the creative sectors are taking the leading role
in achieving the goals of Agenda 2030.

Architects, fashion designers, researchers and designers! Craftsmen, engineers and developers
in Sweden and all around the world! Under a common flag, we can push the development in the
right direction.

From the glassworks to the lab, from the forest to the drawing table, from north to south, locally
and globally – let us do what we can to hasten the transition through groundbreaking design.

A new era for our design nation of Sweden starts now.