The challenges of fashion on the agenda in Baku, Azerbaijan

The Swedish Institute's exhibition Fashion revolution -the future of textiles was recently inaugurated at the Stone Chronicle Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan. The exhibition has been shown in about 30 places around the world and encircles the industry's challenges and provides solutions to each individual problem area.
An exhibition modul at the museum in Baku

Ideally, the fashion industry of the future will view sustainability as an opportunity rather than a limitation. As the well-informed fashion consumers of the future, we view sustainability as the new luxury and we choose clothing based on certifications that promise social and environmental responsibility. Our wardrobe might consist of ‘fast’ garments, made from forest raw materials and used only a few times before being broken down, and ‘slow’ garments that have been adapted from the design and production phases to last many years. This is an example of what Fashion revolution is about, but there is much more. The exhibition as a whole highlights circular economy, fast fashion, lifespan, fibers, cotton, water and chemicals, microplastics, energy and transport, textile recycling, transparency and collaboration.

Fashion revolution -the futures of textiles will be shown in Baku at the Stone Chronicle Museum until July 9, 2021.