We’re launching the new Sharing Sweden!

The Swedish Institute presents Sweden to target groups globally. We communicate a broad story about Swedish skills and experiences, in order to put Sweden on the map and contribute to global issues.

Sharing Sweden is a platform and a work tool for those who want to present Sweden to international target groups. On the platform, SI offers a wide range of communication concepts, exhibitions, social media campaigns on themes such as social issues, innovation, and sustainability. The material is produced by employees at SI who, together with experts and relevant actors, produce communication packages. Sharing Sweden is aimed at foreign authorities and other actors in the public sector, in civil society and business, so-called intermediaries.

Sidona Tesfai, is project manager for SI’s work with the new platform:

– The ambition with the project is and has been that the new platform should make it easier for intermediaries to carry out their work. Three websites have become one to streamline the contact that SI has with the target groups, but also to improve internal working processes. On the website, content from several different parts of SI’s operations is collected and made available, and it functions as a common entrance for visitors.

The new Sharing Sweden platform connects to Image Bank Sweden, Sweden’s official image bank. The image bank contains several thousand images that show everyday life in Sweden and reflect themes such as Swedish innovations, sustainability as well as culture and creativity. Anyone who wants to present Sweden abroad can download and use the images free of charge.

– The previous version of Sharing Sweden was launched in the spring of 2017 and has been a much appreciated work tool. It has been important that the new Sharing Sweden provides even better and more effective support, both by acting as a source of inspiration and having an educational structure. The goal has always been an increased user-friendliness and improved experience for all users, says Sidona.

The new version of Sharing Sweden will be launched on 24 October 2023 at sharingsweden.se