142 alumni activities in 35 countries and regions during 2022

Summarizing the year, we are happy to say that the number of alumni activities are back on pre-pandemic levels.
Collage of alumni activities

Sweden Alumni Networks consist of groups of people who have once studied in Sweden or participated in a Swedish Institute leadership programme and are now, on voluntary basis, creating platforms for sharing experiences of Sweden and contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The alumni networks can apply for financial support from the Swedish Institute to organise activities that contributes to a more sustainable future.

During 2022 Sweden and SI alumni have come together in their local alumni networks all over the world to organise 142 alumni activities with more than 7000 participants, both alumni and members of the general public. Looking back at 2022, a year marked with political unrest, economic instability and pandemic aftereffects the year has been challenging for big parts of the world. Yet, it has also been a rewarding year, especially in the global Sweden alumni community. This is clear by looking at and the number of activities organised by SI alumni. With a focus on creating peaceful and inclusive societies and contributing to a green transition, the alumni networks have played an important role in spreading awareness and opening up a discussion around these topics in their communities.

Around 40% of the alumni activities organised with financial support from SI have also been in collaboration with Swedish embassies and consulates. This shows that SI and Sweden alumni and the local networks are important assets for Sweden’s work abroad.