17 new projects receive funding from SI

The work of reviewing applications is now complete! 17 new projects are awarded funding within the SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme. Both projects receiving seed funding and projects aimed at Ukraine are awarded funding.

SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme serves a vital function

-After a year with SI’s new programme, the SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme, we can confirm that it serves as a vital function in supporting EU countries around the Baltic Sea and countries in the EU’s Eastern Partnership. We see continued interest in the seed funding aimed at developing partnerships equipped for future cooperation. The specific call targeting groups in Ukraine is particularly important, and we see that we can contribute to urgent efforts now in wartime but also for the future, for Ukraine’s reconstruction and EU integration, says Kurt Bratteby, Head of the International Relations Department.

Many different themes among this year’s projects

SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme supports various projects aimed at finding solutions to the challenges the region faces today.

-The projects that have been granted funding address a multitude of challenges in the region. It feels extra special with the new areas financed this year, such as investments in local media and support for the development of the textile industry, says Kurt Bratteby.

The war in Ukraine is highlighted through a special call. For example, Dalarna University will work to assist young people in Ukraine affected by the war. They will offer an education in medicine, psychology, and social work to 30 students and 10 teachers from three universities in Ukraine. After completing the education they will be able to provide support for patients and clients in sexual and reproductive health and rights. The initiative has been noted by Swedish local media.

Examples of other projects awarded funding

Seed funding projects:
ViM4Democracy: Viable local media for democracy around the Baltic Sea – an explorative project for media professionals

The purpose of the ViM4Democracy project is to achieve a sustainable situation for local media around the Baltic Sea. Local media in the region struggle to maintain their role as the foundation for local democracy and community engagement in a changing media landscape undergoing digital transformation. Partners will exchange experiences and develop concepts for a larger cooperation project in the next stage. The project´s focus is on the entire value chain from journalism to business models.

Support for Ukraine:
EduSustRec4Ukraine: Educational and awareness-raising activities for a new generation of Ukrainian scientists to build the foundation of sustainable post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

The EduSustRec4Ukraine project focuses on educational and awareness-raising activities for a new generation of Ukrainian researchers in order to strengthen their competence to lay the foundation for the future reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. The project supports doctoral students and young researchers as well as their supervisors in Ukraine by providing essential resources, expanding their knowledge, and developing solutions to mitigate the negative environmental effects of war and industrial pollution in Ukraine.

MCAD: Municipal Governance, Accountability and Democratisation
Ukrainian municipalities face a significant challenge in developing their democratic structures. The goal of the MCAD project is to equip decision-makers in Konotop municipality, Ukraine, with tools to promote municipal governance infused with accountability and democratic values.

TEX4YUA: Sustainable Excellence for Ukrainian Youth in the Textile and Apparel Industry
TEX4YUA aims to empower young people involved in the textile industry in Ukraine. By strengthening the target group with knowledge, skills, and inspiration, the project seeks to promote innovation. The long-term ambition is to reshape the Ukrainian textile industry and make it competitive in the global market. The project also supports teachers in Ukraine who will educate the next generation of textile workers, inventors, and innovators.

More possibilities for financing

The third application round for the SI Baltic Neighbourhood Programme is now open. This one focuses on cooperation projects, aimed at deepening and further developing partnerships. SI has an online information seminar about the program on January 12, 2024. For more information, see the program’s website.

In the summer of 2023, the Swedish government adopted a strategy for Sweden’s development aid and support to Ukraine between 2023 and 2027, with a budget of six billion Swedish kronor. Therefore, in the spring of 2024, we will announce a bilateral cooperation program between Sweden and Ukraine. Keep an eye out for more information.