Powerful discussions, collaborations, and change.The workshop in Stockholm is part of SIs initiative Food for tomorrow which brings together change makers and persons working with sustainable food systems on western Balkans and in Sweden.

Here are some examples of actions proposed by the participants:

  • Education about food and nutrition is key, both for adults and for kids.
  • Behavioral change/nudging can be a great tool to be used in this process of changing food consumption.
  • Create a new food culture: to have a special day to celebrate fruits and veggies and to promote the consumption of greens- e g Meatless Monday, Green Friday or a Veggie Wednesday.
  • Bring fun into eating greens: to create a vegetable challenge including both gamification and social competing aspects.
  • Promote urban farming practices, to help people to reconnect with greens, feel ownership, inspire kids and connect the community, farming at schools, collaborations with partners “Eat what you grow”.

The seminar was moderated by Aline Santa Izabel Founder Synbiotic Kitchen/YOGUT with panelists Samuel Salzer/ Behavioral Strategist, Jackie Cawthra/ Nordic Wellth and Eslam Salah/ Lupinta who shared their ideas how to make more people eat greens.