51 Alumni Networks in 45 countries certified in 2024 – extra welcome to new alumni networks in Cameroon, Ecuador and Iraq

The result after this year’s certification process is 51 SI and Sweden Alumni Networks in 45 countries and regions. SI is happy to welcome three new networks in Cameroon, Ecuador and Iraq.

SI and Sweden alumni networks provide platforms for alumni around the world to connect with each other and contribute to a more fair and sustainable future. Togheter, the networks have close to 7,000 members locally, and function as a primary contact partner to Sweden.

Up until now, SI has provided funding and materials to the networks so they can organise activities relating to Agenda 2030 or Swedish culture. Last year, 54 networks organised a record breaking 190 activities with 11,000 participants. This year will be a bit different since SI won’t be able to provide funding but other exciting opportunities for board and network members. This includes opportunities under SI Alumni Academy and participation in Alumni Leaders Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.

Looking forward to an exciting 2024 with all networks!