54 Alumni networks in 44 countries and regions 2023

Wow! This year, SI is happy to announce 54 certified alumni networks in 44 countries and regions. A special welcome to the new alumni networks in Armenia, China Zheijiang, Estonia and Latvia, Jordan, Malawi, Montenegro, and Thailand.

SI and Sweden alumni networks provide platforms for alumni around the world to connect with each other and contribute to a more fair and sustainable future. SI provides funding and materials to the networks so they can organise activities relating to Agenda 2030 or Swedish culture. Last year 49 networks organised 142 activities with 7,000 participants. This year we add seven new networks to our global alumni family.

We asked the newly established Sweden Alumni Network Lativa and Estonia about their plans and expectations for this year.

– Our main plans for 2023 are to establish comprehensive networking among SI Alumni and develop partnerships with Swedish companies and institutions. We also aim to connect with other certified SI alumni networks and communicate important topics such as sustainable mobility, waste management, and inclusiveness, says Treasurer Justńęna Hudenko.

The alumni networks are run by an elected board. We asked the Chairperson of Sweden Alumni Network Armenia, Parandzem Mikayelya, why she chose to join the alumni network board.

– I chose to engage with the Sweden Alumni Network board because I strongly believe in the power of international collaboration and networking. The Sweden Alumni Networks provide a unique opportunity for former scholarship holders to stay connected with each other, share experiences and knowledge, and contribute to the development of their home countries and beyond. By joining the board, I can help facilitate these connections and support the network’s aims and objectives.

Looking forward to 2023 with all of you!

Find all alumni networks here: Local Alumni Networks – Svenska institutet (si.se)