“A great platform to grow my network and change the course of my career towards the field I wanted to be playing in.”

Thiago Ferreira from Brazil, studied a master’s programme in Energy-efficient and environmental building design at Lund University between 2016 and 2018. Here is his story.
Previous SI scholarship holder Thiago Ferreira in an office

I’m currently working as a daylight and environmental specialist in an architecture firm in Sweden.

Apart from improving my knowledge in a field I am passionate about, which is sustainable architecture, I wanted to be able to contribute to the design of climate responsive buildings. By acquiring a degree of specialist I’d be able to drive a positive impact on the industry. That’s’ why I wanted to come to Sweden and pursue a master’s degree.

The Swedish Institute (SI) scholarship has not only brought me the opportunity to study in one of the most developed countries, but also provided me the chance to meet people from many parts of the globe. This culturally rich environment gave me the opportunity to grow personally as I was able to listen, communicate and learn from amazing citizens from different backgrounds. On top of being granted financial aid to study in a top university in Sweden, the scholarship provided me a platform to grow personally as I was able to participate in an incredible network of future leaders within the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL). The university was also a great platform to grow my network and change the course of my career towards the field I wanted to be playing in.

So, the SI scholarship is really a life changing experience, as it provides you with a marvellous environment for exchanging experiences with motivated and driven people who are willing to make a positive impact on society. Moreover, it also supports your professional growth by giving you the opportunity to study in an incredibly well-structured Swedish university.

Now I’m working in Sweden. In the future, I want to apply all the knowledge gained during my studies and work here, back in my home country Brazil, in order to support and drive change in the construction market in Brazil. This change could be done by steering sustainable construction policies or leading projects that are committed with environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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