“A platform to obtain dream jobs and this opens a lot of doors for an individual that I couldn’t imagine opening”

Zanele Lurafu, from South Africa, has just finished her two-year master’s studies in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth with specialisation in Strategic Leadership at Halmstad University. She tells us about her time in Sweden.
Portrait photo of Zanele.

What were you doing before coming to Sweden?

I was working as a brand strategist at ImagiNation Alliance and also running a start-up company.

Why did you want to pursue a master’s degree in Sweden?

I chose Sweden because I felt that I needed to acquire more knowledge to further develop my company and Sweden appeared to be the best option due to its reputation on innovation. I think my determination to succeed and entrepreneurial spirit made me win this scholarship.

What has the scholarship opportunity provided you?

I have no words to describe what this scholarship opportunity has provided me. I feel that I have been offered a life-time opportunity which has landed me a PhD short course at Halmstad University, research assistant job to one of my best professors ever, and international relationships. My life will never been the same after this.

The SI scholarship provided me the opportunity to learn more about the Swedish culture, build strong networks, and a platform to obtain dream jobs and this opens a lot of doors for an individual – doors that I could not imagine opening if it wasn’t for SI. I really appreciate so many things the scholarship provided me, among others, the valuable relationships I have built through SI and the knowledge I have now. I have personally developed and certainly two more steps forward in my career.

This scholarship opportunity and my time in Sweden have even helped me to level up as a change maker. I have always known what I wanted to be and do in my life but I have never felt this strong about social change as I feel right now. Now I know what my contribution should be in Sweden, South Africa and globally. I want to bring about social change through encouraging social innovation in academia especially in entrepreneurship studies and also collaborate with social entrepreneurs and enterprises in the journey to resolve social and environmental issues.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I always thought that I would be running my own firm, but now I have realised that my duty in this world is more than that. I see myself as a professor who contributes in teaching about the importance of social innovation in entrepreneurship studies, as well as to help businesses play an important role in our society through embedding social innovation as part of their core values instead of focusing only on increasing profit.

Do you have anything you want to say to the prospective applicants?

I would just simply say go for it, don’t even think twice because this is a life-time opportunity that you do not want to miss.

It provides a platform for personal growth and career advancement. Live in one of the best countries in Europe and be the best decision you have ever made in your life.

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