Event for foreign students looking to study in Sweden

The Swedish Institute works to attract talent to Sweden and to increase Sweden's attractiveness as a knowledge nation.

Through the student platform studyinsweden.se and activities at embassies, fairs and universities around the world, we work to increase knowledge about Sweden as a country of study.

Every year, with the support of SI, Swedish foreign embassies organize so-called Pre-Departure Events for students who have been admitted to Swedish colleges and universities. Due to the Corona virus, the Study in Sweden team realized early on that it would be difficult to have these physical events and was therefore looking for digital alternatives.

After exploring various alternatives, and in dialogue with student ambassadors and other relevant stakeholders, the team found a platform that offers the opportunity to run digital events similar to physical ones. Before deciding on a tool, it was particularly important that the platform be 100% mobile and accessible in China. The first event will also be a Pre-Departure Event for all admitted students from China in April. During the event they will for examole, be able to chat with universities and participate in various presentations about what it is like to be a student in Sweden.

The transition to a digital meeting place also offers the opportunity to carry out virtual recruitment events in the future instead of traveling to different parts of the world to meet potential students. Other events already planned are, for example, a virtual recruitment fair in June. Here, the purpose is to market Sweden to prospective international students.

– International students choose Sweden because we stand for innovation and sustainability. We are pleased that we have found a digital solution that gives us the opportunity to continue supporting students in their next step to study in Sweden. In addition, we are confident that we can offer Swedish educational institutions a good platform for marketing themselves, says Jan-Frederic Buss from Study in Sweden.

On the platform they can create a fair where universities participate with a virtual booth and get the opportunity to present themselves. There is also an information booth staffed by SI’s Study in Sweden team and staff at the embassies from each country. In this way, Swedish higher education institutions can reach students who are interested in higher education in Sweden.