90 Kenyans live sustainably during seven days

The Green Teams initiative with support from the Swedish Institute is challenging 90 kenyans to live, eat and move smart in Nairobi during seven days. The Challenge starts on 26 November and aims to inspire people to adopt a smarter way of living.

The interest in participating in the challenge is big. 90 superusers were selected for the challenge, this is triple the number from 2016 when the first 7 Day Challenge was carried out in Nairobi. During the challenge the participants will share their insights of how it is to live, eat and move sustainably in Nairobi under the # 7Ways in 7 Days. The participants will spotlight one aspect for each day. The initiative aims to pass on experience and inspire other countries to invite to local challenges globally. The benefits are  many, it´s not only good for the planet but also fun, engaging and can even save you money.

8 December – Sustainability Forum

The 7 Day Challenge will be presented at the Sustainability Forum at PAWA254 Mageuzi Theatre Hall from 6:00PM to 7:30PM.

Welcome to meet the participants to celebrate the achievements of the 7 Day Challenge and to discuss sustainable practices around smart living, smart movement and smart eating to advance this agenda.